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Diagnose impacted wisdom teeth, pathological lesion, bone loss.

1. Panoramic X-Ray

For the first visit patient, a comprehensive oral exam will be performed as follows.

Possible oral cancer signs (sores or discolored tissue) can be detected while checking entire of your mouth.

18 pictures of full mouth x-rays to check the incidence of inflammation, cavities, and gum bone disease.

Our office has top-notched digital x-ray machines of which radiation is just 1/10th of traditional dental x-rays.

TMJ screen and Occlusion evaluation:  detect TMJ disorder and malocclusion

Gum Evaluation: pocket depth test and mobility test using Perio Probe to decide the proper cleaning.

A one-on-one consultation provides the patient with a precise and accurate diagnosis and specific explanation on future treatment plan options.

Teeth evaluation: diagnose the status of the patient’s current fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures including tooth decay.

2. Full Mouth X-Ray

3. Oral Cancer Screen

4. TMJ Screen and Occlusion evaluation

5. Gum Evaluation

6. Teeth Evaluation

7. Consultation

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